Merit-based scholarships are financial awards given to students based on the merit of their academic performance. In addition to our merit-based scholarships, we offer need-based financial aid. To read more information about our need-based financial aid, please click here, or call Emma Rivers in our Financial Aid office at 215.382.7839.

Qualifications and Requirements:

Students entering grades 9 through 12, including new students, may apply for both the Boice and VanDijk Memorial scholarships, but only one per student recipient will be awarded. Scholarships must be applied for annually, but those who maintain academic and behavioral standards will retain their scholarships until graduation.  Application forms are available at the Admissions Offices of all campuses.

The Boice Scholarship

The Boice Scholarship Fund was created to honor the vision, work and legacy of Dr. James and Mrs. Linda Boice, who founded City Center Academy (the former name of our high school campus) in 1983. The Boices lived out their Christian commitment and demonstrated their love for their city, urban teens and scholastic excellence when they established this college-preparatory high school with the goal to teach teens to “think and act biblically and excel academically”.

This scholarship, the school’s most prestigious award, is intended to encourage highly-qualified students to excel in their high school education at The City School. This merit-based scholarship will be awarded to academically talented students who also display Christian character and leadership ability.

Each scholarship recipient will be awarded $2,000 toward tuition and fees at The City School at Rittenhouse. Furthermore, each recipient will have the distinction and privilege of being a “Boice Scholar” with the provision of a mentorship circle that will encourage continued academic, spiritual and social growth. There are a total of eight recipients (two from each class).

The VanDijk Memorial Scholarship

Mrs. Gysbertha VanDijk, a teacher from California, became acquainted with the work of the City School and grew to love it.  In addition to providing financial support, she enjoyed getting to know and encouraging the school faculty.  Mrs. VanDijk, who died in 2007, chose to remember the school with the gift of a scholarship fund in her name.

This is a merit-based scholarship is for academically talented students who qualify for financial aid. Awards will go to motivated learners who value their education and make positive contributions to the school community.

VanDijk Scholarship recipients will receive $1,500 toward tuition and fees at The City School at Rittenhouse.

The Walnut Street Scholars Awards

The Walnut Street Scholars Awards go to the top two students in The City School at Walnut Street graduating class each year. The students must choose to continue their education at The City School at Rittenhouse. These scholarships:

  • Encourage academic perseverance during the middle school years,
  • Offer motivated students the opportunity to attend a rigorous 
    college-preparatory high school, and
  • Provide distinction for those students seeking competitive college placement.

The middle school valedictorian will receive $5,000 and the middle school salutatorian will receive $2,500 toward tuition and fees at The City School at Rittenhouse.

The Christian Scholars Awards

The Christian Scholars Awards are presented to 8th grade students from Philadelphia Area Christian School (PACS) member schools choosing to attend The City School at Rittenhouse. These merit-based scholarships are intended to build and strengthen the community of Christian schools and education in Philadelphia.

The Christian Scholars Awards are given to the valedictorian and salutatorian from each PACS school. The valedictorian will receive $2,000 and the salutatorian $1,000 toward tuition and fees upon admission to The City School at Rittenhouse. To see if your school is a member of PACS, please check with your school office or contact The City School Admissions Office at 215.382.7839.